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Sometimes the smallest items can have the largest impact on the quality of your water. At Discount Filter Store, you'll find all the small water filter adapters and couplers you need, from diverter valves, automatic shut off valves, to refrigerator water filter caps, flow restrictors, and more; everything you need to keep your water filters operating at maximum efficiency.

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Culligan Water Filter Replacement Cartridges & Filtration Products Water filter cartridges and filtration products from Culligan help ensure you always enjoy the cleanest tasting drinking water, whether it's served from your refrigerator, tap, or even the sink in your boat or RV!

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Bottled Water Dispensers - Culligan

Water Coolers or Dispensers Water cooler dispensers are the vehicle used in bringing Culligan water straight from the water bottle to your glass. Culligan water dispensers come in various styles and offer many benefits, so you can choose the perfect one for you and your family.

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Culligan Replacement Parts & Filters | CulliganDIY

Culligan offers a vast array of different filter cartridges that can be used to best meet your particular need. Due to changes in water quality and aging infrastructures, it may become necessary to use different filters. Whatever the case may be, Culligan has you covered. See how easy it is to change a whole house filter cartridge

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Culligan is the world leader in residential, office, commercial, and industrial water treatment. Contact your Local Culligan Man to schedule an appointment today.

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Water Filter Adapter | eBay

This is the adapter used when replacing a Culligan Water Filter FXRC. OEM GE Water Filter Adapter that is used with GE GWF & MWF filters. This adapter screws into the GWF or MWF filter, then screws i...

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