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7 Of The Highest-Rated Water Bottles With Filters On Amazon

Water bottles with filters can start creeping up in price. But this one by Brita is under $10 and one water filter can replace up to 300 standard 16.9-ounce water bottles. It's also easy to clean and reduces the chlorine taste and odor found in tap water. Amazon Reviews: 1,353

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Sport Water Bottle Filter - Video Results

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Sport Berkey Bottle Water Filter – Berkey Filters

The "Tortuous Path" structure of the Sport Berkey's filter element gives it its unique characteristics. This filter is a true portable Water filter and uses medical grade technology to produce a convenient and portable water filtration system. Care and Use. Pour water into the Sport Berkey and securely tighten the cap to eliminate leaks.

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Water Bottle Filter for Sports & Hard Bottles | Brita®

These replacement filters may be small, but they are mighty. Made to fit all Brita® water bottles, these filter with the best of them. We recommend changing your filter about every two months or 40 gallons so your bottle is always working at peak performance.

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Drink cleaner, more refreshing water during your workout with the Brita Sport Water Bottle. The BPA-free filter reduces chlorine taste, odor and particulates often found in tap water. This soft squeeze bottle is great for getting filtered water on the go, without the cost and waste of bottled water.

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Sports Bottle Water Filter | Berkey Sport Bottle | Portable ...

Berkey®️ Water Bottle Filter. The Sport Berkey®️ Water Bottle was developed with maximum portability and outdoor use in mind. It looks like a standard water bottle, with just one difference: with a single Black Berkey®️ element inside, it can filter a range of contaminants, including toxic chemicals, minerals and heavy metals, from nearly any water source.

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Brita 20 Ounce Sport Water Bottles with Filter -

Brita 20 Ounce Sport Water Filter Bottle helps reduce the taste and odor of chlorine making tap water taste great anywhere. The filter inside this BPA free bottle filters as you drink, so you can always have great tasting water without the waste and high cost of bottled water.

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